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This holiday season will see record-breaking online shopping

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2020 | Truck Accidents

It’s likely that the 2020 Christmas season is going to see a record-breaking amount of online holiday shopping. Even though people are still buying presents and gifts like normal, they’re just not doing it in stores. That means online shopping has to fill the gap. 

An early increase

We’re barely into the holiday shopping season, but even the first 10 days helped illustrate the differences. Per Adobe Analytics, people in the United States spent around $21.7 billion during those 10 days, all of it online. When compared to the same timeframe from last year, that shows a massive jump of 21%. 

When digging into the reasons why this is happening, the study found that most consumers (63%) are actively trying to avoid going into stores. This has pushed their buying online. Some who did only a portion of their buying online in 2019 may shift to doing 100% of it on the computer this year, and many consumers who still preferred the brick-and-mortar store experience are likely trying out online shopping for the first time. 

Delivery truck risks

What all of this means is that there are going to be an incredible amount of delivery trucks on the roads in the coming month. Many of these trucks are going to be filled to the brim with packages. Drivers will have tight schedules and stressful deadlines. If all of these factors also bring about a rise in delivery driver accidents, it’s important for those who get injured to know what legal options they have

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