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San Diego criminal defense attorney Troy Owens is a San Diego native. Attorney Troy Owens now devotes a majority of his law practice to assisting those who have been accused of committing crimes.The Law Offices of Troy P Owens Jr believes in educating their clients about the laws, law enforcement tools, and the prosecutorial tactics that are used in the criminal courts. We empower our clients with knowledge about the system while simultaneously presenting award-winning criminal defense cases that has been routinely praised by prosecutors, judges, and other members of the criminal defense bar.

When you contact and hire San Diego criminal defense lawyer Troy Owens, you will notice a top notch law firm that utilizes a staff of experts and investigators. These investigators are comprised of mostly former law enforcement officers. These former law enforcement officers spent years training and utilizing the tools that prosecutors rely heavily upon to present their case. Because of the staff that attorney Troy Owens employs, he is able to remain a step ahead of the prosecution. San Diego criminal lawyer Troy Owens is also a past Deputy Public Defender

Affordable San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney That Get Results

The client relationships, staff, and expertise that you find at our law office are the reasons why San Diego criminal defense attorney Troy Owens continues to achieve fantastic results for his clients. Our office has celebrated the successful dismissals, Not Guilty Verdicts, diversions, and favorable sentences in the following types of cases:

-Murder, Attempted Murder, and Conspiracy to Commit Murder
-Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Assault with Means Likely to Produce GBI
-Lewd and Lascivious Acts with a Child Under 14
-Participation in a Street Gang
-Prostitution, Pimping, Pandering, and Human Trafficking
-Drug Possession, Possession for Sale, Manufacturing/Transporting
-Domestic Violence (battery, false imprisonment, child abuse)
-Robbery, Grand Theft, Embezzlement, Petty Theft
-Public Assistance Fraud
-Identity Theft
-DUI (drugs, alcohol, prescriptions, etc.)
-Probation Violations
-Criminal Threats
-and Many More

Best San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney Approach

Attorney Troy Owens believes that communication is key with his clients. The number one complaint that the State Bar of California receives is that attorneys do not communicate with their clients. San Diego criminal lawyer Troy Owens takes pride in the fact that his office maintains open lines of communication with his clients. In addition to returning calls and messages promptly, our San Diego criminal defense attorney ensures that his clients receive uninterrupted personal attention from him, not from a non-lawyer staff person.

One Of The Best San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney Testimonials

The Law Offices of Troy P Owens Jr has many 5 star rating from those he has represented on both avvo, yelp, facebook, and google. After reading some of the reviews below please contact us to speak to one of our experienced criminal defense lawyers in San Diego for free consultation and to discuss your defense strategies.
Mr. Owens was professional and organized throughout my whole case. He provided the judge with evidence to support his words. He provided me with details and answered my questions in terms that I could understand. I would definitely return for his services if I ever need him again. – Eduardo
As my attorney, Mr. Owens was extremely professional. I consulted with a couple of different attorneys before hiring him, but Mr. Owens came highly recommended by professional and personal acquaintances. It’s easy to believe that in his line of work, the ability to reach him as often as the random question or concern would pop up for me would be difficult. The exact opposite was the case. He was timely and precise in his responses, and able to keep my mind at ease through the process of my civil case. With his help, I was able to reach a fair outcome in mediation and avoid trial. Because of his professionalism, I would be comfortable recommending his legal expertise across the board as I know he specializes in more than civil law. I’m beyond happy with my choice to hire Mr. Owens and would gladly seek his help again in the future with any legal matters. – Leslie Reid
I couldn’t be happier with my choice to hire Troy. He was available & personable, yet very professional.
He was able to get my criminal charges reduced to a single misdemeanor with minimal fines and zero jail time. – Ashley
The DA brought horrible charges against me just because of my past. I had to sit in jail and wait for a preliminary hearing. Troy was solid at the hearing. He brought up all of the officers mistakes and the evidence that the DA ignored. My case was not bound over and I was set free. I keep his card in my wallet now! – Anonymous
I was attacked and because I won the fight, I was arrested! Troy Owens was my attorney and he would not let me settle the case even though I wanted to. The offer from the DA looked good and I was avoiding jail, but Troy convinced me that my innocence and keeping a clean record was a lot more important. I’m so glad I listened to him and let him fight for me. I’m not guilty, I have no record, and its all because of him! – Anonymous
As  you can see, our San Diego criminal defense attorney has 5 star rated reviews from former clients. We hope to aggressively represent you also provide you with five star rated help too.

San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney With Five Star Reviews On Various Rating Sites

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