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Read what our clients say about working with attorney Troy P. Owens, Jr.

Personal Injury

“Troy was professional throughout the process. He showed me that he cared more about me than making money. His office coordinated all of my treatment because I was unhappy with what my primary doctor was doing. The best thing was he was able to get the policy limits from both my insurance, and the insurance company of the guy who hit me on the freeway. I keep Troy’s number in my phone and contact him whenever I have a legal question. He either helps me out, or points me to the right person. Troy is more than my attorney; he is a part of my family!”
– Melford W.

“I am a college student and I got hit by an erratic driver the day before my semester was to begin. Mr. Owens advised me to go to urgent care, and then he recommended doctors that helped me heal from my injuries. After my injuries were healed, he made a demand for the insurance company to pay for my pain and suffering. Mr. Owens helped me pay for two years of my college tuition with the money that we received. He was easy to work with and I didn’t have to do anything but follow his advice.”
– Jaelyn R.

“I was walking in a crosswalk and was nearly hit by a truck who blew through a stop sign. The truck hit and pulled a cart that I was walking across the street. The insurance company for the driver did not believe I was injured. They sent me a check for $175. At our first meeting, Mr. Owens shredded that check (with my permission). Mr. Owens got them to pay $50,000 as a result of my shoulder pain! He explained to me how the insurance company was trying to take advantage of me. I am glad to have him in my corner.”
– Joseph R.

“I was at a concert at a local event venue (confidentiality agreement prohibits naming the venue) when I slipped on spilled drinks that were left unattended. I suffered severe injuries and required surgery to my knee. The venue tried to claim that I injured myself while dancing, and tried to say that I was drunk even though I did not have a sip of alcohol. The treatment that I received from the venue was despicable. Luckily, Troy was able to stand up for me. He refused to play games with the venue and filed a lawsuit against them. Troy stood strong in our position and made the venue pay significantly for my experience!”
– Trecia L.

“I was in an accident and tried to work with the insurance company myself. I bought into the lies that the insurance adjuster was selling me. The adjuster claimed to know the law and how the case would settle. He tried talking me out of getting an attorney. Mr. Owens was able to expose exactly what they were doing to me. He took over the case and was able to get WAAAAAY more than the insurance tried to offer me. Mr. Owens got a policy limit settlement for my claim when the insurance company didn’t even offer me half of that. I wish I had worked with Mr. Owens from the beginning. It would have saved me months of a headache!”
– Carrie P.

Criminal Defense

“Mr. Owens helped me with my fourth DUI. He was able to get leniency from the court and get a sentence that was lighter than what I received from my third DUI. I was in a rough patch in life and working with Mr. Owens was the first step towards changing my life. He even called me a year after our case was over just to check on me. We need more attorneys like Mr. Owens!”
– Jonathan A.

“I hired Troy after working with another criminal defense attorney in town. After my previous attorney delayed for months, Mr. Owens was able to deliver results after two hearings. He was able to communicate with me throughout the process and helped me keep my Second Amendment rights and helped me in removing a protective order imposed by an overzealous prosecutor. Thanks Troy!”
– Javier C.

“Attorney Owens helped me fight a domestic violence case that my ex-boyfriend filed on me. The courts threatened my immigration status and jail time. Mr. Owens showed the jury that my ex was a liar and I was found not guilty! Mr. Owens told me stay calm and wait for the jury to decide. I am glad I listened to him and take my case to trial.”
– Alma E.

“I had never been arrested before. I was scared out of my mind. I reached out to Mr. Owens and he was able to keep me calm throughout the process. My charges were bogus. The DA would not let up. Instead of agreeing to dismiss the case, they kept making offers that got lower and lower. The best advice that Mr. Owens gave me was not to accept guilt for something I didn’t do. We dug our heels in the sand and went forward with a jury trial. Surprisingly, the DA dropped the case ‘on the courthouse steps’ on the day of trial. Mr. Owens called their bluff! Thank you!”
– Kelly J.

“Mr. Owens helped me through the roughest time of my life. My wife and I were separating. She attacked me and lied to the police saying that I was the aggressor. I was arrested, my guns were taken, my job was in jeopardy because I hold a top-level security clearance. Mr. Owens coordinated an investigation and gathered all of the facts that allowed us to show the jury that my ex was a compulsive liar and had a motive to take me down. The jury found me not guilty of ALL charges. I got my guns back, I kept my job, I got a divorce, and my life is much better! Thank you Troy!”
– Oscar L.

“Getting a DUI causes a lot of initial stress and a lot of unforeseen costs. After calling dozens of attorneys I felt Mr. Owens was suited me best for what I needed. He was able to come up with a payment plan to help relieve some of the initial stress, I didn’t have to go to a single court date, file any paper work, he did it all. I can’t imagine how stress-full the situation would have been without him, he made it easy as hell. I hope I don’t need an attorney again, but if I do it should be pretty obvious who I will be calling. Thanks Mr. Owens.”
– Charles

“I couldn’t be happier with my choice to hire Troy. He was available and personable, yet very professional. He was able to get my criminal charges reduced to a single misdemeanor with minimal fines and zero jail time.”
– Ashley

“I hired Troy to review and advise me on issues regarding a property I needed to sell. His advice resulted in a successful resolution to the problems. He was dependable and kept me informed on every step.”
– Dierdre