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Are you looking to find an experienced local San Diego probation violation lawyer who is results oriented and has gotten his clients great results? The Law Office of troy P. Owens, Jr might be the best choice for you. We have helped many people looking for the best San Diego parole attorney with their new hearing and violation cases.

Probation in California 

In some cases, people may be fortunate enough to be granted probation when they’re convicted of a crime. This means they have the chance to return to their normal lives under a system of supervision and control which is closely monitored by the law enforcement authorities. The rules of probation are explained to the person and they should give an undertaking that they will strictly abide by them, failing which they may get jail time or punitive fines. Grant of probation is based on certain reports and recommendations provided by corrections officials based on their evaluation of the individual.

Rules of Probation 

The convicted person should be made to understand that probation is not a reprieve, but is granted in lieu of actual prison time and it should be considered as a testing period to judge whether he/she can be rehabilitated and reformed back into society. Probation is supervised by special probation officers who are “peace officers” but are allowed to carry arms.

Common rules of probation include:

  • Adhering to set times to meet with the probation officer as per schedule
  • Attend scheduled counseling sessions
  • Accept random drug tests
  • Restriction to a specified geographical area/home premises
  • Acceptance to wear a GPS enabled monitoring device
  • Avoiding contact with known criminals
  • Avoid contact with the victims/potential victims of their crime
  • Accept ban on drugs, possession of weapons, alcohol
  • Perform prescribed community service

Probation Violations Law Firm

The first one or two violations may be handled with a mere warning by probation officers, but repeat offenders may be charged with probation violation which is a new charge and requires to be handled by a legal professional. A probation violation hearing is held and the attorney must gather evidence to show that such violation was due to unavoidable circumstances. Witnesses and other types of evidence have to be presented to the judge. This allows the person to maintain a good record and not get punitive measures like enhanced probation or prison time for failure to comply with probation rules. 

Selecting The Right Legal Representation

In probation violation cases, it is crucial to immediately appoint a skillful, experienced and knowledgeable attorney/law firm who has had proven success in handling such cases. Ensure that all the facts of the case are frankly discussed with he or she so that a good strategy can be worked out. The attorney should also be familiar with all aspects of probation violation laws in California.

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