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Answering Your Questions About Truck Accidents

Personal injury cases are complicated, and you may not know what to do. At The Law Office of Troy P. Owens, Jr., we work to empower you and to help advocate for you. Part of our mission is to put you in control. Below are some common questions that may help you. For personalized answers, please come to our office. You can schedule a free appointment by calling 866-784-8994 or emailing our office.

Why is it important to have an attorney after a truck accident?

Trucking companies and their insurance companies have many attorneys and deal with these cases every day. They are very tough negotiators and can take advantage of your inexperience. Many will quickly offer you a settlement that does not actually account for your needs. Working with an attorney can help ensure that you get the most out of your settlement.

What will an experienced lawyer and his or her investigators do at the scene of the accident?

Experienced lawyers and investigators are able to record photographic evidence, document witnesses and gather other evidence that can be crucial to your case. They also identify which resources you need to succeed.

What types of damages can be recovered from an accident?

A settlement can include compensation for emergency room visits, ongoing medical care and treatment, any necessary disability adaptations and other bills. This can include pain and suffering.

How frequent are accidents involving delivery trucks (UPS, FedEx and, now, Amazon)?

Delivery trucks are some of the most common trucks on the road, and accidents reflect that. If you are in an accident with a delivery truck, you will need a lawyer.

What are common causes of accidents involving commercial trucks?

Truck maintenance issues, distracted driving, exhausted drivers, heavy traffic and difficulties with maneuvering trucks are all common causes of accidents.

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