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Pedestrians Are At Risk For Serious Injury During Accidents

From beautiful boulevards to scenic hiking trails, Southern California is a great place to walk, but pedestrians are not always a priority for drivers and other motorists. What’s worse is the huge impact an accident can have on a pedestrian’s health and future.

You deserve to go about your daily life free of danger and threat of injury. At The Law Office of Troy P. Owens, Jr., our firm is focused on you. We commit to helping you obtain the support you need to regain your sense of stability and livelihood. Our office is available to help you on your terms. Contact us today at 866-784-8994 for a free appointment.

What Causes Pedestrian Accidents?

Pedestrian injuries are on the rise, and that is not surprising. Unfortunately, as our communities become more walkable, it takes time for our laws, walkways and drivers to adjust.

In the meantime, pedestrians can fall victim to incredibly dangerous and very common accidents, including those caused by:

  • Blind turns and reduced visibility
  • Distracted driving and impaired driving
  • Low-visibility cars, such as SUVs and trucks
  • Failure to heed stop signs and traffic signals

Any of these accidents can cause serious injuries, like compound fractures, internal bleeding, concussion and brain trauma or paralysis. Without a vigorous attorney who understands this area of the law, you can wind up with an insufficient settlement, or worse: no settlement at all.

Attorney Troy P. Owens Believes That You Matter

At The Law Office of Troy P. Owens, Jr., we work with people in Chula Vista and throughout San Diego County to help their families find their footing during recovery. We conduct our own investigation and create a thorough plan for your case so that you can rest and heal, all while getting the support you need. That’s why we don’t charge you a penny unless you get a settlement. Schedule today by calling 866-784-8994.

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