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Injuries Caused By Security Guards Or Bouncers

Security personnel sometimes have to use physical force to do their jobs, but that does not give them free rein to hurt people. By law, they must exercise restraint and caution when performing their job duties so as not to injure the people they are in conflict with. Unfortunately, not all security personnel perform their jobs with the diligence they require, and people end up suffering serious injuries because of it.

If you have been injured by an overly aggressive security guard or bouncer, contact The Law Office of Troy P. Owens, Jr., today. Our experienced aggressive personnel injury attorney in Chula Vista can tell you more about your right to compensation.

Injuries Caused By Negligence

Being too focused on the job at hand can sometimes make security personnel unaware of the things around them. It is possible for them to put an individual in a position that renders them highly susceptible to injury. Security guards are allowed to use force in most cases, but not in a manner that causes unnecessary harm to the individual.

Examples of security negligence include:

  • Shoving someone against a sharp or blunt object mounted on a wall
  • Shoving a disoriented person near a flight of stairs
  • Hitting a bystander while trying to subdue an unruly patron

If negligence was the cause of the accident, then the security worker’s intent does not matter. They can still be liable for the injuries regardless of intent.

Assault And Battery

Security personnel can also be charged with assault and battery if they use excessive force. There are occasions when a security guard or bouncer will use more force than necessary to subdue or remove a person from the premises. In some cases, the security worker does not even have to physically touch the victim.

Threatening to commit an act of violence, such as raising a clenched fist, can be charged as assault if the threat is deemed excessive.

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What is and is not excessive varies greatly depending on the situation. If you have been injured by a security guard or bouncer, you should contact our office in Chula Vista today. Call 866-784-8994 to schedule your free consultation with our lawyer at The Law Office of Troy P. Owens, Jr..

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