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No matter how minor a criminal charge is it will always have a great impact on your life from the moment of your arrest forward. This is why you need to hire one of the the best Chula Vista criminal defense lawyer to help you get your life back. Our law office handle cases like DUI, Restraining Order, Domestic Violence, Sex Crimes, Fraud, Assault, Child Abuse, Rape, Theft Crimes, Drug Crimes, and many more.

Criminal convictions bring about a social stigma that is hard to get away from and will manifest itself in your future personal relationships as well as in your career pursuit with difficulties in keeping or getting a new job. A professional license may also become more difficult to obtain. If an immigrant you might even face deportation.

A conviction will have serious implications not just for you, but also for the ones close to you. A good defense Chula Vista criminal defense lawyer can reduce the impact this will have on you using all of his or her knowledge and experience going for the best outcome possible. In a stressful time like this it is important to have the assurance that your case is being handled properly.

Our Chula Vista DUI Lawyer Can Help You Avoid DUI Charges & Convictions Too

  Our criminal lawyer handle all kind of cases including drunk driving. So if you are in need of Chula Vista DUI lawyer  we can help defend your charges. The California state law mandates that a DUI conviction should remain on your driving record for 10 years and criminal record permanently unless you expunge it.. This has major implications when it comes to applying for a job or a professional license. It can also become a problem in keeping your current job or continuing your academic studies. The penalties prescribed by state law are the following:

  • Up to six months possible jail for first offenses; up to one year for second offenses; up to two years jail for third time & fourth offenders;
  • A revoked license for up to 4 years
  • Ignition interlock
  • At least a fews of vehicle impoundment
  • Community service
  • Attending a DUI class and following a treatment which might also include AA meetings and counseling
  • Deportation in case of non-US citizens.

The reality is that having the right Chula Vista criminal defense attorney on your side who can navigate the Chula Vista court system will help you avoid the above mentioned penalties.

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