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A-pillars are a hazard that’s difficult to fix

On Behalf of | May 13, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Cars are designed with a series of pillars that support the roof over the passenger cabin. The front pillars, which frame in the windshield, are known as A-pillars. On the back, the corresponding ones are known as D-pillars. In between, you have B-pillars and C-pillars, if necessary. Smaller vehicles may only have three, so the C-pillars would be at the back.

In any case, the problem with the A-pillars is that they can be a serious driving hazard. They are necessary for the structure of the car, but they also block the driver’s view of what is to the left or right of the vehicle.

A problem with turns

On a general drive down a straight road, this doesn’t matter. The problem comes when the driver needs to turn in either direction. They can look in that direction first to make sure that the way is clear, but their view could be blocked by the pillar. This is especially a problem if it’s really wide, which is common in SUVs and other large vehicles.

This may not cause an accident with another vehicle, but there is a severe risk of pedestrians, cyclists or even motorcyclists being hit because drivers never see them. There is a major hazard to pedestrians in crosswalks when drivers are trying to turn through those crosswalks. The driver can have the green light and the pedestrian can have the walk symbol all at the same time, so a driver who turns without waiting for the way to be clear could severely injure a pedestrian.

What if you get injured?

This is a hazard that’s difficult to put an end to because the car needs these structural devices, so it’s always going to be a problem, and accidents will happen. If you get injured, you may need to seek financial compensation.

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