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2 ways company policies affect delivery vehicle crash rates

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

More delivery drivers on the road benefit companies and the customers patronizing them. When companies add their own delivery fleets to their organizations, they take greater control over customer experiences and minimize their reliance on third-party service providers. It may actually cost less to maintain a vehicle and cover a salary than to pay another company for delivery services on every order that the company fulfills.

However, delivery vehicles also create a lot of liability for companies, as they can cause crashes that result in business disruptions, property damage and even serious injury to other people. The way that companies manage their fleets can have a direct impact on the likelihood of crashes occurring.

There are ways that those businesses can minimize their risk of a delivery driver causing a crash and ways they contribute to delivery driver crash risk.

How companies reduce their risks

One of the most important ways for companies to prevent delivery driver crashes is to carefully vet those hired to drive delivery vehicles. Ensuring that drivers have clean driving histories and providing adequate training is key to bringing on the right transportation talent.

Maintaining the vehicles in the fleet is also crucial. Finally, route planning can minimize crash risk. By reducing left turns and streamlining someone’s route, the company can reduce the risk of causing a crash. 

How companies contribute to crash risks

Delivery drivers are often under a lot of pressure. They may need to set down and photograph hundreds of packages in a single shift. The schedule may be so tight that they cannot take bathroom breaks or stop for a meal.

Their stress can lead to safety issues. They may park their vehicles at inappropriate and dangerous places for expediency’s sake and sometimes conduct dangerous maneuvers when they miss a turn. Simply put, the amount of work demanded from individual delivery drivers and internal company policies prioritizing expediency over safety can contribute to the likelihood of drivers for corporate delivery fleets causing crashes.

Those hurt by delivery vehicles may have grounds for an insurance claim or sometimes even a lawsuit against the business involved. Exploring your options after a delivery driver crashes into you can help you get compensation for a frustrating and injurious wreck.

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