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What are the most dangerous vehicles on the roads?

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

You may have read a previous blog about the safest vehicles on the road, but those vehicles aren’t really the ones you have to worry about. When you’re driving, the vehicles that you want to be looking for are those that may create a greater risk of a collision.

What’s interesting is that there are some models of vehicles, as well as brands, which are more likely to get into crashes than others. The reasons for this are largely unclear, but some of the factors might include the parts used in these vehicles or the type of person who tends to drive them.

The brand with the most fatal crashes: Ford

Ford is among the most popular automobile brands, so it’s not surprising that it is also ranked first for the most fatal crashes. Looking at a three-year period, Ford vehicles were involved in 21,262 fatal crashes.

The next brand to be involved heavily in crashes is Chevrolet, which had its vehicles involved in 20,435 crashes in the same time period.

After these two brands, the number of fatal crashes drops off significantly. Toyota, the third brand ranked for the highest number of fatal crashes, only had 12,918 fatal crashes.

Going deeper into the statistics is interesting because you can see the common trends for each brand’s drivers. Ford’s drivers involved in fatal crashes were most likely to be in collisions on an urban road and/or at an intersection. Chevrolet’s drivers were equally likely to be involved in crashes on rural or urban roads, but most were at intersections. Toyota was most likely to have drivers involved in fatal crashes in urban environments.

Ford is the top of the list for fatal crashes, and most of those are linked to its popular Ford F-150 model. The second-worst vehicle for fatal crashes was the Ford Explorer.

If you’re on the road with these vehicles, that doesn’t mean that a car crash is guaranteed. However, it should make you pause to think about the way you’re driving, how the other driver is acting and about the overall safety of the vehicles around you.

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