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Are Amazon drivers specially trained? 

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2021 | Truck Accidents

When someone drives a semi, you know that they have at least gone through very specific training to drive such a large and potentially dangerous vehicle. They had to apply for a commercial license. Not just anyone can become a truck driver — or, rather, anyone can do it, but they have to follow the right steps and get certified. 

At the same time, you’ve likely seen Amazon delivery vans driving all over the city. They’re much smaller than a semi, but they are still far larger than the average car. Do these drivers also need special training and their own commercial license?

Delivery van drivers do not need their own license

The fact is that Amazon delivery van drivers do not need a professional driver’s license. They don’t have to have any special training. Amazon can hire someone with a normal driver’s license, with no experience in a van of that size, and employ them as a driver. 

You would assume the company would then spend a lot of time training these drivers themselves, but they admitted that it takes too long. Drivers are not given extensive training. Many are essentially learning on the job. 

Adding a level of complexity, Amazon also hires contractors and firms as drivers. Some firms can have more of an emphasis on safety than others, but it’s impossible for someone sharing the road with these vehicles to know how much training that specific driver has had. Those who are injured in these accidents, therefore, must know how to seek compensation for their injuries and losses. 

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