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Remember the long-term ramifications of car accident injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you suffer serious injuries in a car accident, you likely have to deal with many of those costs immediately. You need medical care. You need the help of doctors, nurses and ambulance crews. All of this is on top of the property damage if your car is totaled and the wages you’re missing at work — something that is especially noticeable if you were on your morning commute when the accident happened, so you start losing wages instantly.

All of these things are very important, but do not stop there. Serious accidents often have long-term ramifications. These can be even more costly than your short-term bills. You must factor all of this together when seeking compensation.

The impact of a TBI

The above applies to all sorts of injuries, from spinal cord injuries to fractures to cuts and lacerations that get infected. To see how this can change your life, though, let’s take a look at traumatic brain injuries.

When you suffer a TBI initially, you may lose consciousness, have sensory problems, and lose your memories of the accident — just to name a few symptoms. A lot of these things will go away in the days to come. You may never remember everything about the crash, but you’ll be able to function normally at work or at home.

However, there are also those who suffer from seizures after a TBI. These may just happen at the time of the injury, but recurrent episodes are known as post-traumatic epilepsy. Think of the changes to your life. You may worry about driving or doing anything that could put you in greater danger if you have a seizure. You may not feel independent or safe living on your own. You may lose the ability to do your job.

And post-traumatic epilepsy is just one potential issue you could face. Other problems include bleeding on the brain, infections or even cell death. When cells die and cannot be regenerated, the brain has to seek out new neural pathways. This is not always possible. You could wind up with symptoms that really limit your life and that are not going to heal.

Getting full compensation

To really seek full compensation for your injuries, you must consider these long-term issues and what steps you can take.

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