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What’s behind UPS’s no left turn policy?

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2021 | Truck Accidents

You may see a UPS truck turn left. It happens. But, if you do, count yourself among just a few people who have witnessed it. These trucks almost never make left turns.

To some degree, it seems like a strange policy. Making deliveries as fast as possible is usually the goal, and having to drive around the block to avoid a left turn slows that down. So why does UPS do this?

Avoiding accidents is more important

At the end of the day, the company has decided that it’s more important to avoid accidents, even if it takes a little extra time. With so many automated systems, they can have a GPS plan out a route that is almost as fast, that hits every delivery location, and that avoids all but the most necessary left turns.

This may sound kind of UPS to seek to avoid accidents with delivery trucks, and it can be. But it’s also self-serving. The costs of an accident are severe. Even minor accidents cause damage to the truck and slow it down considerably. Major accidents with injuries and fatalities are even worse.

That’s what UPS wants to avoid. Since left turns are more likely to cause accidents, even among experienced drivers, it’s just not worth it.

Have you suffered an injury in an accident?

Unfortunately, this rule is not always followed properly and it won’t prevent all delivery truck accidents even when it is. As a result, those who are injured in these crashes still need to know how they can seek compensation for their costs.

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