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Why is it so dangerous for a tractor-trailer to have an unsecured load?

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2021 | Truck Accidents

It’s against U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations for truckers to not secure their loads. One of the problems with this regulation is the individuals who load the trailer and the ones who operate the semi-truck generally aren’t the same.

While truckers should always check to ensure that the loader did as they should have, they don’t. Truckers may not realize that the loader didn’t secure their cargo until a catastrophic accident happens.

Countless truckers take to the road with unsecured loads every day here in California, putting their cargo, their lives and those of motorists around them on the line.

Why do unsecured loads pose such a big problem?

Several issues may arise when a trucker gets behind the wheel of their 18-wheeler with an unsecured load.

  • Their load may shift around inside their trailer, leading them to potentially lose control of their truck in such an incident.
  • The shift in a truck’s load may also make a trucker more vulnerable to turning over while navigating a curve or turn.
  • A shift in the load may affect brake times and an increase in the crash’s impact.

While the dangers an unsecured load poses to a trucker and other motorists is undeniable, it’s also hazardous for dock workers. A load may fall on them once they go to unload a truck, crushing them underneath.

Who has liability in truck accident cases involving unsecured loads?

Many drivers feel confident knowing that they can generally hold a negligent motorist who struck them accountable for their injuries. You have a few additional options as to who to sue in truck accident cases, though. You may not only be able to file suit against a negligent trucker who caused a crash but also their employer and trailer loaders as well.

Understanding where liability lies in truck accident cases can be challenging. It may be divided between the truck company, the trucker and the loading company. An attorney can help you sort this out and protect your interests.

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