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Who is responsible in California delivery driver accidents?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Whatever you may need, there is sure to be a company ready to bring it right to your doorstep. At any time while you are driving on a freeway or road, you may be surrounded by delivery drivers. You already know you must drive alongside UPS and FedEx trucks, but now you must also share the road with food delivery trucks and even Amazon independent contractors.

As you might expect, more deliveries mean more vehicle accidents. You may understand who to hold responsible in an accident with a private motorist, but do you know who is responsible if a delivery driver causes a crash.

Finding liable parties in delivery driver accidents

It may be helpful to look for liability in these crashes as you would in a tractor-trailer accident. For example, the delivery driver could be the sole responsible party in your accident if they were intoxicated. In another example, the business sending the product may be liable by pressuring the driver to increase production or provide an unsafe vehicle for deliveries.

One way to uncover liability is to have an experienced attorney investigate your crash. Lawyers understand how to identify the responsible parties in delivery driver accidents. They also know how to negotiate on your behalf with insurers to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

No one should have to pay out-of-pocket for injuries caused by a negligent motorist or company. A successful legal remedy helps ensure that you can obtain enough compensation to cover all the expenses and damages associated with your accident, including medical treatment.

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