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Myths about truck rollovers 

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2021 | Truck Accidents

People often believe that semitrucks only pose a rollover danger during severely inclement weather. While it’s true that bad weather can lead to a big rig toppling over, not even 4% of trucks involved in one-vehicle accidents were caused by environmental or road problems.

Nonetheless, these accidents can be very serious. Read on to learn other myths that cause them — and how best to prevent them from occurring.

Myth: Speeding always causes truckers to roll over their rigs 

This is sort of a half-myth, as roughly half of semitruck rollovers are attributed to excessive speeds. But that means that the other half have other origins.

Myth: Rollovers happen most frequently on ramps

Most everyone has seen a rig laying on its side blocking an exit or egress ramp to a highway or interstate. So yes, some trucks do wind up rolling in those locations. Yet 56% of all rollovers happen on straightaways with no curves or ramps involved.

Myth: Wet roads pose the biggest rollover hazards

Rain-slicked or icy roads can cause many different kinds of trucking accidents. But when it comes to rollover accidents, 93% happen when the roads are dry.

So, what causes most rollover accidents?

More than 75% of all rollover accidents are attributed to errors made by truck drivers. In fact, rollovers are often secondary events that occur after a trucker becomes fatigued or gets distracted behind the wheel.

Truckers can reduce their likelihood of being involved in a rollover crash by remaining focused on the road ahead, driving only while well-rested and assuring that their rigs are in good shape to drive. They must also take extra precautions when hauling partial liquid loads. The “slosh and surge” factors involved with these type of loads alter the truck’s center of gravity and heighten the rollover risk a great deal.

Were you injured in a rollover collision?

Because your medical bills can be costly and your injuries life-altering, it may be helpful to file a claim for damages to seek compensation. An attorney can help you assert your rights.

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