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Underride crashes cause horrific injuries to smaller vehicles

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2021 | Truck Accidents

It is almost instinctual to feel fear when a big truck merges into the lane right next to you on the highway. Being so close to such a big vehicle can make you feel frightened, even if you are a typically cautious and safe driver. 

You have every logical reason to find commercial trucks frightening. They cause some of the worst crashes possible on public roads. Underride collisions are a kind of crash that almost exclusively involve big trucks or other commercial vehicles. These crashes can completely destroy smaller passenger vehicles and often cause the death of their occupants.

There are several ways an underride crash can occur

An underride crash involves a smaller vehicle going underneath a bigger vehicle. Passenger vehicles of all sizes, even large SUVs, can wind up damaged in an underride crash with a commercial truck. 

In a side underride crash, the passenger vehicle goes under the trailer, often between the axles or wheels on the big truck. In a rear underride crash, the passenger vehicle hit the back of the commercial vehicle and goes under the trailer or its wheels. A front underride crash is also called an override collision. It involves the cab of a truck going up and over the back of a passenger vehicle.

Many underride collisions are preventable

Although some traffic accidents will occur no matter how safe drivers try to be, the worst aspects of underride collisions are often preventable if trucking companies and owner-operators install the right kinds of guards on vehicles and properly maintained them. 

Those hurt in an underride crash, as well as those who lose a loved one in a collision, may be able to file an insurance claim or even pursue civil action against the driver or the trucking company involved. Speaking with an attorney can help you learn more.

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