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Remember these tips when driving around commercial vehicles

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2021 | Truck Accidents

Whether you’re talking about semitrucks heading out on a long haul or delivery vans that are making the local rounds, commercial vehicles are on the roads daily. For regular vehicles, however, those commercial trucks can pose a serious danger.

Anyone who’s on the road with these vehicles should ensure that they know how to drive safely around them.

Avoid crowding the vehicles

One of the most important things to remember is that larger commercial vehicles need to have lots of space to maneuver and stop. For example, a bus takes 40% longer to stop than a passenger vehicle. This means that you shouldn’t ever come to a sudden stop in front of a larger vehicle because you may be rear-ended. 

You also shouldn’t drive in the blind spots around the vehicle. The larger the vehicle, the bigger the blind spot. The driver can’t see you in these areas so they won’t know that you’re there. This is particularly dangerous if you stop in the front blind spot or if you’re driving in the side blind spots and the driver needs to switch lanes. 

Don’t try to rush

Trying to rush around commercial vehicles might cause you to make unsafe decisions. Speeding and trying to weave in and out around a bigger vehicle can lead to bad accidents. If you’re rushing, you may not be as focused as you need to be. Be sure you leave home early enough that you don’t have to try to hurry.

Even if you’re driving safely, there’s a chance that a commercial vehicle driver or another motorist won’t do the same. If you’re struck by a vehicle, you may require medical care, which can be costly. You may also opt to pursue a claim for compensation so that you aren’t left in financial ruin because of the accident. Seeking compensation for expenses like medical care costs and lost wages, as well as others you qualify must be done within a certain time frame after the crash, so be sure to get started quickly.

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