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How Amazon’s shipping commitments can put you at risk on the roads

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

One of the reasons that Amazon has been able to corner the online retail market so quickly and successfully is that the company has consistently offered aggressive shipping promises. Knowing that you can get a package in one or two days, especially when you need something on a deadline, might make you buy from them rather than from another online retailer.

Unfortunately, the downside of Amazon’s quick shipping promises is increased risk for those on the road to wind up in a crash caused by a distracted, fatigued or poorly trained delivery driver.

Amazon drivers often work long hours

Being part of an independent delivery fleet means having responsibility for getting all of the packages on your route delivered regardless of how long your shift has been. Some Amazon workers might be at the wheel for much longer than a standard 8-hour workday. Fatigue from working for so long can drastically increase a delivery driver’s risk of causing a crash.

Delivery drivers often make unpredictable maneuvers

When a driver relies on GPS to find a recipient’s location, they may miss a driveway or intersection where a turn is necessary. They might break aggressively, turn without checking for safety or even perform illegal maneuvers on the road. They may also park their vehicles in places where they block the flow of traffic or drastically increase the likelihood of someone else getting their truck due to visibility issues.

Delivery vehicles, even those who don’t have company branding on them, are often bigger than passenger vehicles. You could suffer severe injuries or have your car totaled by a delivery driver who causes a crash. You may need help handling the insurance claim and other paperwork that comes after a collision caused by someone on the job. An experienced attorney can help.

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