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More deliveries mean more rushing and more crashes

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

People are doing more online shopping this year than ever before. The convenience of online shopping, merged with the ability to order things right from your phone has lead to online shopping dramatically increasing its market share of total retail sales in recent years.

Online shopping means jobs for people working for digital retailers and significantly more demand for delivery services. There are more professional delivery drivers for big package companies, as well as more demand for United States Postal Service carriers to deliver packages, sometimes even on Sundays. However, all of those delivery drivers on the road are actually putting people at increased risk for a crash with a delivery vehicle.

Delivery drivers too often prioritize speed over safety

Whether a driver makes their living delivering groceries, food from restaurants or packages for big businesses, they likely have a specific route and number of packages to deliver during every shift if they want their full compensation.

Especially for those who get paid based on workload and not on the amount of time work, making deliveries as quickly as possible is usually the priority. This can lead to delivery drivers cutting others off in traffic, maneuvering in unsafe ways or parking in places that are almost guaranteed to cause a crash. The greater the demand for delivery, the greater the risk for bad practices among drivers and a potential crash.

If you or someone you love has been hurt by a delivery driver, you may have the right to file an insurance claim or even take legal action against the driver or their employer depending on the situation.

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