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The singular and dangerous realm of commercial truck accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2020 | Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks traversing the vast and varied road systems of Southern California command a lot of attention, don’t they?

For starters, they’re huge, dwarfing the smaller passenger vehicles that seek to share the road with them.

And they’re cumbersome. Big rigs like tractor trailers and assorted 18-wheel conveyances are often laden with cargo that weighs scores of thousands of pounds. They sometimes carry toxic or other dangerous materials. It can take them the length of a football field or more to come from highway speed to a full stop. Their drivers operate with pronounced blind spots, which makes them comparatively slow to see and respond to other drivers around them.

Aside from those limitations, there are a host of other catalysts that render big commercial trucks outsized roadway risks. Crash causes owe to factors like these:

  • Drivers speeding owing to circumscribed delivery schedules
  • Distracted behind-the-wheel behaviors
  • Drowsy drivers who are overly fatigued from demanding workloads
  • Defective equipment and shoddy maintenance
  • Overloaded and/or improperly loaded cargo

The bottom line concerning a commercial truck crash is that negligence of some sort is almost always a central factor.

Put another way: Absent some deficiency tied to carelessness (or even willful disregard), big-rig crashes almost never occur.

When they do, the effects are typically adverse and obvious for drivers and occupants in involved passenger vehicles.

Parties injured in truck accidents are far from legally powerless in their wake. A proven and empathetic personal injury attorney can help them pursue maximum compensation for their injuries that will hold responsible parties accountable and secure meaningful damages relevant to many concerns. Those range from lost wages and medical expenses to rehabilitation, pain and suffering and more.

Questions or concerns regarding truck crash injuries can be addressed to an experienced pro-victim legal team.

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